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Ohashi-Do In Sendai. Help Locate!


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I am in Sendai visiting, can anyone tell me where to go from here?


Last I heard, Mr. Uehara of Ohashi-Do has passed. But he had 3 apprentices. Is there even a storefront? Or stall soemwhere?


I went to 3 Chome-8-5 Chūō and it was a fish market.


Any information would be appreciated!! I would love to see and buy one.




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When I visited him some time ago his workshop used to be on the third or fourth floor of a fairly shabby office building. Was not too far from train station. Sorry, no address.


They come up for sale on Yahoo Japan once in awhile. You might be able to get one at a really good price.


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Thank you. I think I found the building you are talking about. They are in yokohama this weekend, so I never got to see them.

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It's really hard to find. Ultimately I called and a lady that answered agreed to meet me and bring me there, but she cautioned me that there were no pens in the store to see or buy because the craftsman had taken them with him. I'm going to try to see them at maruzen this week. I tried a used one at kingdom note, and it was really nice. Had a solid feel to it that is rare. Fit and finish like an Aurora.

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They are supposed to be at Maruzen but expe t to need to be patient. They usually have many people waiting to try out their pens.

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