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Pfm Repair Question


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I've recently started repairing a PFM I purchased a while back and I've come across something interesting. The sack was completely ossified and required replacement. Somehow, the snorkel tube had been pushed pretty far inside the sac bushing. There was even a small indention where it seems someone tried to pull it out with some pliers. I noticed when I got the snorkel tube and sac bushing out of the sac protector the end of the snorkel tube looked as if part of the plastic might be broken off??? I'm unsure if the end part is supposed to be round or not. I compared the end to some pictures I've seen online and I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm or deny that the plastic piece on end of the snorkel tube which goes inside the sac looks correct? Notice how plastic seems to only come from half the tube.


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That's what mine look like. I think you're good.



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The insert in the snorkel tube is hard rubber, and is split at the nib end to allow the ink to flow UP to the feed. Counter intuitive, but correct. The slit down the middle of the insert faces down, the fine slit in the tube up.


The end of the insert should stick into the sac by about 1/16" of an inch with the insert flush with the end of the tube at the nib end. Its not uncommon to find inside end snapped off. It should make a difference in the flow, but I haven't found that to be the case.. <shrug> Given the limited supply of snorkel tubes (they're about the most commonly damaged part), we live with it, and just use it.

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Thank you all very much! I'm glad to have that cleared up. The restoration process is coming along nicely. I've done some research about removing the feed from the nib and most guides mention using a special tool. Could anyone recommend a place to acquire one of these tools?

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