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Cucumber - De Atramentis


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De Atramentis is german manufacturer of calligraphy and writing ink. The inks are hand made (the entire production process is done manually in their manufacturing center) by i's founder - Dr. Franz-Josef Jensen. I believe he uses high quality dyes from well established European companies like BASF and Bayer.

Cucumber is part of DA's line of scented inks. It doesn't resemble cucumber at all though. The color is bright without being gaudy or neon. It's legible and if you enjoy the hue it shouldn't disappoint you.

Ink splash


Drops of ink on kitchen towel




Software ID


Tomoe River, Kaweco Sport, B




Leuchtturm 1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




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I did not know there is an ink named after cucumber.

I couldn't even have imagined this, anyway!

And even scented ones! This is just beyond me lol(i literally just laughed when I saw this review)


BTW, I'm curious.... If it doesn't smell like cucumbers, what's it like, then?


And, thank you for yet another great and informative review! I learn of many less-famous inks because of your work.

Please keep amaze us with more and more reviews! Thanks!! :D

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@chingdamosaic - yes. I was surprised as well :) Personally I dislike scented inks. This one was bought as a sample so when it's finally reached me it smelled faintly of soap (@her - perfect description :) Thank you).


I still have few (read around 50-60 inks to review) so don't worry. They'll keep on coming.



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I was hoping this would be a light green such as in the inside of a cucumber, but it does generally match the outside of one. Alas, names can always go more than 1 way.

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Thanks for the review. Not a green for me, though.

I'm wondering if the scent is from the flower, rather than from the fruit. Of course, my experience with the scented D'A inks I've tried has been hit or miss. Red Roses is *amazing* :cloud9: -- smells just the way I expect roses to be (I have some heirloom varieties growing, and Red Roses smell just like those ones -- I tried very hard not to say "real" roses :sm_cat: ). For Black Roses, though, I couldn't smell much of anything unless I got the sample vial right under my nose. Lavender had some sort of scent (but it wasn't really lavender).

And Patchouli? Musty smelling. :sick: Not the least bit like patchouli.... :glare: Too bad it doesn't seem that the ink is available as one of their "standard" inks....

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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I like quite a lot of greens, especially murky ones (Stipula Verde Muschiatto and alikes), but my two favourite ones are J.Herbin's Lierre Sauvage (it's not really exciting but it bahaves well and was my first green ever bought) and Sailor Souraken Tea Green (I finally have a bottle :) ).

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Another great review, Vis. We have greens like this out here in the desert. I admit, I don't own this one.

Fountain pens are my preferred COLOR DELIVERY SYSTEM (in part because crayons melt in Las Vegas).

Create a Ghostly Avatar and I'll send you a letter. Check out some Ink comparisons: The Great PPS Comparison 

Don't know where to start?  Look at the Inky Topics O'day.  Then, see inks sorted by color: Blue Purple Brown Red Green Dark Green Orange Black Pinks Yellows Blue-Blacks Grey/Gray UVInks Turquoise/Teal MURKY







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