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Noodler's Konrad Inner Cap?


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I just saw this video of Nathan's, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R4FNBTKCQg, and it got me wondering, are the newer Konrads fitted with an inner cap? After minute 3:45 he clearly states that the shot 'forced the inner cap well over the section'



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Haven't seen the video yet, so I have a question. Does he mention whether or not the older Konrads have an inner cap? Because one of mine, the Poseidon Pearl, does not post (*all* my other Noodler's pens post just fine -- and that's the other two resin Konrads, the ebonite Konrad, the three FPCs, and the four Charlie pens). I had always assumed that there was something (such as an inner cap) blocking the innermost part of the cap that was somehow a problem.
It's an annoyance, but not a deal breaker (and neither is the fact that it's the only Konrad that's a dry writer). I just have to remind myself "Oh, right -- this is the one that doesn't post, :glare: grumble, grumble...."

I had just seen listings for the new colors on the Goulet Pens and Anderson Pens websites in the past couple of days. Not wild about some of them, myself (although the screenshot from the start of the video makes Cardinal Darkness seem not too bad a color; and I'm trying to make up my mind about the Medieval Lapis, which I didn't much care for in the photos I've seen of the FPC and Ahab versions). But truthfully, I'm holding out for new colors of the ebonite models -- maybe some of the cool blanks that were used for the ebonite Neponsets.... I had specifically asked Nathan about those when I went to the Noodler's table at the Commonwealth Pen Show in September, and he mumbled something along the lines of "eventually...."

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I found that removing the cap finial, applying some shellac on the threads, and replacing it solved the drying out issue. My Konrad not only dried out, the ink would evaporate after a couple of weeks.

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