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I've been meaning to do this for ages and I'm only getting around to it now. This is my little flock of Pelikans but one little Frakenbird is missing from the picture - a blue wave m200 with a 400 nib. I would very much appreciate help in identifying the older Pelikan in the picture. It has a monotone gold nib and is in green stripe with a rounded end and round domed end to the cap. The cap also appears to be lined in brass. It's a medium nib, but has a bit of flex and seems to me to write slightly stubby. It was sold to me as a 400N from the 70's; would this be correct?






Below is a shot of the older pen.







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Agreed. That older model is the 400NN. A great pen, one of my favorites actually. Thanks for sharing your collection. I'm a big fan of the blue striped models.

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Nice little flock of Pelikans! Thanks for sharing :)


Most of us won't admit it but usually those 5 pens would be more than enough for a lifetime's worth of writing, hehehe..

I like that you have an Everest, they're different from vanilla M-Series but definitely still has that "Pelikan" soul

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Thank you, it seems a bit earlier than 1970. Good to know. Would an oblique nib write a little bit stubby?


I like the blue stripe. The green is very classic and classy looking, but the blue does pop nicely without being overly blingy. Strangely the everest is the one I tend to use the least. I love the look of it but it is curiously heavy and the nib is very, very firm. The size of the M1000 suits my hands best, but I like the vintage nib the best. The nib on the tortoise re-issue comes fairly close to it; they've really done a remarkable job in that, but I do find the size to be a touch on the small side......and no, I am not selling any. They are all my preciouses. :)

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Beautiful flock, thanks for sharing.

Great pens there.


I also have the Mt. Everest and I also don't use it all that much, despite of being an amazing pen. It was my first Pelikan and started the madness for me, but I guess I just got used to the standard models from Pelikan... But it is a gorgeous pen and both my wife and son have a long eye for it :) .

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Christopher Godfrey

Nice one, Uncial -- I mean: nice <five>! Your 400NN is from 1950s and they are grand pens! Well done!

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nice birds.....

Nature is the one song of praise that never stops singing. - Richard Rohr

Poets don't draw. They unravel their handwriting and then tie it up again, but differently. - Jean Cocteau

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