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Waterman 12 Patent Statement On Cap Vice Body


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Hello, I recently purchased a slip cap, eye dropper filler, Waterman 12. The pen has two decorative repousse bands with the same decoration as the pen in the link. In fact it looks almost exactly like the pen for sale at the following link. The only difference is that the patent statement is on the cap instead of the body. Was this done at different times in production? Does the location of the patent date statement identify a time of production range or was the statement placed in both locations during the same production runs? Thank you for your help.




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Thank you for posting the link. I will take a couple of pictures at the weekend. I am thinking that the pen is actually smaller than a normal 12 and that the statement might not have fit between the bands. I have a 12PSF at work. I will bring it home to compare.

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Some early No 1x series pens carried the cone cap patent date "Pat May 24, 1898" - on the cap. This would be in addition to the standard barrel stamp of the time (understanding that some didn't have one). I have a 12 1/2 (smaller than a 12) with a single, centrally located barrel band, which has the standard three line "globe" imprint on the cap. This is likely due to lack of room on the barrel.


What does your cap say?



Shouldn't phonics be spelled with an f?

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