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New Addition; M400 White Tortoiseshell


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So I've had my latest addition about a week now. It's a white tortoiseshell M400 with a board nib.




I usually use fine nibs, so was intrigued to see how this was to use. It's ever so smooth, and flows really reliably. I was using Montblanc blue ink originally, but have just filled it with an orange ink by Cult Oens.


It's a stunning looking pen; very eye catching. So far so good. I'm really impressed.

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Congratulations! The white tortoise is one of the most beautiful Pelikans, in my opinion.


I find that R&K Alt-Goldgrün is a perfect match for this pen.


Enjoy your new pen.

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Beautiful pen. I love the coloring of the white tortoise. I second the recommendation for Alt-Goldgrun. A perfect pairing.

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I love the white tortoises, and put Noodler's Burma Road Brown in mine. Don't let the name fool you--it's really an olive sort of green.

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Mine's got Herbin Ambre de Birmanie in it :-)


I love this tortoise as to my mind it has the quality of the vintage binde - it's not pinstriped, but has little flecks and shimmers of different colours within the stripes. Still looking for its big brother the m600 white tortie, but they are difficult to catch; I had my nets laid for one recently, but it escaped...

Too many pens, too little time!


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I just clicked on this thread, hoping there was a photo, to get a convenient glance at this beautiful pen. Congratulations on your new acquisition. I don't subscribe to the match-the-ink-to-the-pen approach, so any good ink will be a joy to use.


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The white and tortoise is such a beautiful combination. How does the white plastic do if dipped in ink while filling? Will it stain?


We Are Our Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams

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The white and tortoise is such a beautiful combination. How does the white plastic do if dipped in ink while filling? Will it stain?


I've never experienced any staining or the like on mine. I do practice pretty good pen hygiene, though, by thoroughly wiping the section and feed after a fill.

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The white hasn't stained on my pen when it has dipped into the ink. However, I'm not using Noodler's bulletproof or any other kind of permanent ink, so I can't speak for those inks.

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I have one, and it wasn't cheap (alas) and I love it. I don't use it enough though. It is the prettiest pen I own. Mine has a broad nib, as well. Smooth.

 It's for Yew!bastardchildlil.jpg


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beautiful pen

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It's such a beautiful pen but too small, I suspect, for my hand. How does it compare in size to the Souveran M800?


ETA: Never mind - I found a highly-detailed answer at good ol' Goulet Pens:



Yeah, it really is stunning, but its pretty much too small for my taste. I can certainly write well with it, but I much prefer the M800/1000 sizes. I rarely use mine, but I can't seem to bring myself to sell or trade it. I also have a red stripe M400 that sits right next to the white tortoise in my pen box. I bought both for their colors. I have been seriously contemplating selling both of my M400s in order to fund another pen, but haven't done anything about it yet.

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I use the following inks exclusively in my Pelikan M400 Tortoise White:

Kobe #21 Shinkaichi Gold
Iroshizuku Ina-ho
Diamine Wagner
Bungbox Green Tea 88

Soon to add Alt-Goldgrun to the rotation!


Glad you're enjoying the pen!

Ink, a drug.

― Vladimir Nabokov, Bend Sinister


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