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New Here & Looking For A New Pen.. I'd Love Some Opinions!


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Hey guys. I have been given money from my father to purchase a pen for my 18th birthday last September; I have a budget of £500 (but I want to save some money so that I can purchase a few inks along with the pen).


I have narrowed it down to two pens:


  • Montegrappa Nerouno Linea - Rose Gold
  • Omas Milord


I am fond of the black/gold look; I have a watch and ring that are these colours, and I like how my EDC items all complement each other.


I love the design of both the Montegrappa and the Omas. One is more exciting, while the other is more conservative. I like that on both pens. With the Montegrappa, however, I don't know how I feel about the 1912 or the aesthetics of the nib. But I love everything else about the pen, so it's making my decision so so so so so very difficult.


I am looking for a C/C pen. I know most people would be looking for a piston filling mechanism in this price range, but for some reason, as an 18th, I feel drawn towards a C/C pen.


So.. Could anyone give me some pointers on what direction I should go?

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Hello 7heDaniel. That's a large budget. What fountain pens are you using now? I have no personal experience with either pen but I know from my own pen path that it took some exploring with modestly priced pens to learn my exact preferences. Please tell us what you have used so far?

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Hello and welcome to FPN.

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Hello and Welcome to FPN!! Glad to have you as a member!!


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Welcome !


Give an 18-year-old £500,000 for a car, and he will buy a Lamborgini. He will kill himself by age 20.

What do you currently use for daily writing ? Let us proceed cautiously and achieve the proper fit. If this is your

FIRST fountain pen, I suggest investing £1 in a Jinhao x450. Decide what you like about it and what you do not

like about it. Then, choose your £200, £300, or £400 fountain pen.


When I was 18 years old, I didn't listen to anybody. Good luck !

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Welcome to FPN!


As others have said, it would be better to know what you've used and what your preferences in dimensions are...


I agree with Sasha Royale on the suggestion of starting with a Jinhao X450, as a reasonable starter, assuming this is your first fountain pen. If you want to spend a bit more but still be in the affordable realm, I'd suggest a Parker Urban, which does come in a black/gold color combination and should cost about £27, if my estimates are correct. The catch with the urban is it has a unique profile and is slimmer than an X450. It's still my favorite carry pen thus far (I don't have any pricey pen investments yet...)


Hope that helps! :lol:

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Wow. I would love that type of budget!


I had to find a heck of an excuse to buy my first nice fountain pen (you could buy 5!)


Good luck in making your decision though, you certainly have a hard decision to make.

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