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I stopped by an antique store that is going out of business and found a Sheaffer Antique display cabinet. (photo of cabinet still in the store) I was able to negotiate a final price of $60.00. It has a few minor issues but nothing big. It has the original finish, the logo on the front is in great condition, no cracks, good glass, and has the back door with the original mirror.


It is missing the top tray (pictured in the photo I have attached that I found on line) and the bottom door knob and latching mechanism.


I am searching for someone who may have one of these as well that wouldn't mind sharing some information on these missing items. I am looking for detailed photos etc...


I think I'll just keep the original finish even though the odd in me wants it to look new as it did in the early 1900s. LOL.


I am looking forward to putting in back together and filling it up with a few Sheaffers.


Thank you,






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Great find.

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Nice case.Great find.


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Hi, Rob. Great find. I have the same cabinet which I spent much more for 10 years ago. Mine was missing the top tray as well. Are the photos of your cabinet, or pictures you found online?

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The photo of the larger one with the magazines in it is mine while it was sitting in the antique store that went out of business. The other two pics are from the internet.


I want to put it back together the right way. It doesn't need much and I am hoping someone can help answer a few questions I have on a few things that are missing on mine.


It is not at my house at the moment but I'll post a few more pics of what I need help with.


I am needing to know is the top shelf glass or wood?


I need to know the width of the original shelf and how It was fit into the slits on the sides.


Mine appears to be missing a door knob and other side of the latch.


I have the drop door but it is currently out. It is missing what ever it is that keeps it from sliding out. I saw one at another antique store that is smaller and older. It has claw cast iron feet. It has what appears to be round hobnails holding the door in place but I am not sure if that is proper for this one.


Photos will better show what it is I am talking about. So I'll try to post them soon.


Thanks for the replies.



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As I mentioned, my cabinet was missing the top tray when I bought it. I do not know for certain if it was originally glass, wood, or something else, but I am guessing that it was made of wood. It appears that the tray is simply held in place by friction fit into the two angled slots on either side. I would think that glass might have a tendency to slip out because of the downward angle, whereas the piece of 1/4" plywood that I used has had no problems staying in place. I added wood trim around the edges to keep a slotted pen tray from sliding off.

The top door slides up and down on a track, and the latching mechanism is released by depressing a spring loaded lever. The lower door has a simple gate latch, although on mine the knob to lift the latch is missing. Good luck!





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