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Bey-Berk Walnut Wood 19 Slot Pen Storage Box Review


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On Black Friday, or around that time, Kohl's was selling a Bey-Berk Pen Case for around $50 (Originally $98). So I figured why not? I have room on my bookshelf in my office might as well show off some of my pens rather than storing them in their original boxes in my desk drawer. Here is my review of the overall transaction and of course the case itself.


1. Shipping/Packaging: Although this has nothing to do with the product itself or likely even the manufacturer, I thought it was odd enough to discuss in my review. First, it took about 2 weeks for this product to actually be delivered. That's a lengthy shipping process if you ask me considering I've ordered items from outside the country that have shown up in half the time. Second, and the reason I am posting this was the packaging that it arrived in. When, I got home there were two boxes in front of my door. One said Kohl's on the outside and said FRAGILE on the top and the side of the box. The other box was smaller and had no writing on it whatsoever. Assuming the larger box that said fragile on it was going to be the the pen case I opened it first. To my surprise the only thing in the box was a bathmat that someone ordered for my new place since I moved into a 3 bath. In the smaller box was an additional smaller box and some of those styrofoam packing peanuts. They did a good job of protecting the case, but it was certainly not what I was expecting.




2. Dimensions/Capacity: The case is angled for display and overall is 4.25"H x 8.5"W x 7"D, but the front is about 3.25"H. The top level is enclosed by a hinged a glass cover to display up to 10 pens and below it is a pull out drawer that holds 9 pens. Although it only displays 10 pens, I think that the size and shape of it is great for placing on a shelf. However, they could have done a little bit better when measuring the depth of the pen slots. If a larger pen is in an outer slot the glass cover will not close. For some perspective, I used a Lamy AL Star to figure this out.




4. Quality of Construction: As mentioned above the case does not close entirely when a large pen is in the outer slot. That is not the only component where you can see an apparent lack of craftsmanship. One thing that was not immediately noticeable, and can be fixed with a simple adjustment is that the way the hinges were put on it is not entirely aligned when closed. It appears to close a little towards the left, between a 16th and 8th of an inch. Another thing that can be considered both positive and negative is that there is no stop to the bottom drawer. What I mean is, when you pull the bottom drawer out it will come all the way out. This is bad if you pull it out too far by mistake and it results in dropping your pens. But good in the sense that you can take it out and use it as a tray to carry your pens or even rest your pens in while working at your desk so they don't roll off. Also relating to the drawer there are no slides or padding to prevent it from rubbing against itself when you open it or even protect your shelf from the edges as it angles down when you get past a certain point. My final concern with the case is that there is no felt/protection in either the drawer or the display. So if you are not comfortable putting your pens directly on the wood that it is made with than this product is not for you.




5. Appearance: The cases simple styling is perfect for what I wanted. Its small size allows me to put it anywhere. Its walnut color looks great, and does a great job of show casing my pens. I also like the brass drawer handle. Its certainly nothing fancy but it looks good overall. It does have a little bit of a glare when its not on my shelf. I took the case off the shelf to get better lighting for the following photos so you'll be able to see it better. (You might be able to notice the hinge alignment in the first photo)








5. Conclusion: I'll start by saying I am not going to return it. I think that for what I paid and the purpose I had in mind for it that it is between good and great. Sure there are somethings I would change about it, but nothing is perfect and I am happy with how this displays my pens and how it looks on it's. However, I would not recommend purchasing this product if you can't get it for less than the original price. I am sure that there are far better options if you are searching for cases with a $100 budget, but I think that it serves its purposes of storage, and displaying my pens perfectly fine for only $50.

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I enjoyed this review. I love it when someone shows good pictures, and are frank in their thoughts. Great job!

Thanks KKay, it was my first review so I'm glad to get some feedback for the next time I post a review.

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You are quite welcome. I liked hearing all you had to say. It is a lovely little case. But it is high. I think you nailed it on the price range, and what is acceptable. I look forward to your next review!


P.S. You have a nice pen collection too!

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