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What Is The Best Type Of Ink For A Lamy Safari Foutain Pen? What Is The Worst?


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I have tried looking everywhere for this but seem to find it nowwhere. Can I put waterproof ink into a Lamy Safari fountain pen? Also what is the best type of ink for this pen? Thank you for your time!

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You can put waterproof ink as long as it is actually fountain pen ink (So no India ink, dip pen ink, printer toner, blood of the innocent, etc.)


There's really no best and worst. If it were that easy we'd just all use the best,wouldn't we.

Inks' flow feels different on paper, some feel wetter because they are more lubricating, this will have your nib glide more easily. Some inks feel 'thick' and always seem to drag more ink along. Some spread or featherout more than others. Some are lightly saturated, and some heavily. Etc.


Sorry, this is all the advice I have for now.

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If I thiink I have a worst (troublesome) ink, the Lamy Safari is the best pen for it. It is a cartridge converter, easily taken apart, and not too expensive.

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During a long time I used a Lamy Safari with Noodler's Bulletproof Black with absolutely no problems.

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I have a couple safari and I always have them loaded with Montblanc inks.


Some weird mojo with that combination. Something about how those inks are formulated (a rarer combination of little drier, less flow, but still high lubrication, like Aurora Blue) that makes that just work for me.


I put Royal Blue in one Safari and, thought, "wow, nice" then put Corn Poppy Red in another for mark-up and that was similarly nice ....

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The fountain pen ink you have sitting on your desk at the time your safari needs to be filled.

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Best: Have you tried Fountain Pen Ink?

Worst: Non-fountain Pen Ink


:ninja: <- ninja!


Terms such as 'waterproof', 'anti feathering', 'bulletproof', etc, etc, etc are properties about an ink which don't tell you for which instrument the ink is made for. But those are the common properties for fountain ink.


As long as the ink is for fountain pens, you can have any crazy property on it and it will work on your Lamy.


Take into account, different properties react different. Some inks will nib creep more, others require heavy maintenance, and others as 'iron gal' can harm certain pens if you don't do your homework correctly, but that is on the really advanced side of inks.


'Waterproof' property is safe for any pen.



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I have a couple of Lamy Safaris and find that almost every fountain pen ink works well in them. My personal favorites, however, for my Safaris are Waterman inks, particularly Inspired Blue and Serenity Blue, and DeAtramentis Mint Turquoise and Pearl Violet. Aurora Black and Aurora Blue are also good choices that have a bit more water resistance.

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Pelikan 4001, Quink, and Noodler's Eel Blue are my best "writing" inks.

The worse ink for a fountain pen is India Ink. The best ink for a LAMY Safari is

probably Lamy Ink.

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I don't know if it just me, but Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai didn't flow well in one of my AL-stars, the flow was erratic and I had to prime it. I was using Lamy Turquoise before with no problems. I'm really doubting the myth around Iroshizuku. Only few inks would work well in "any" pen, probably the washable blues.

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Any ink that is actual fountain pen ink as mentioned above will be ok. The wonderful thing about the Lamy Safari and Al-Star is that they can be easily disassembled for cleaning, As with any pen leaving the pen full and unused for long periods of time will make the cleaning more difficult. Once disassembled the use of an ultra sonic cleaner for the feed and nib will clean it up nicely. Staining of the converter and section can occur with the Noodlers Baystate inks as well as some reds and purples though.

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I have used Lamy blue, Lamy blue black (old iron gall formula), Hero 232 (iron gall), Pelikan Royal blue, Noodler's black, and Noodler's bad belted kingfisher in my Safari and Al-star and they all work fine. The actual writing characteristics were what would be expected from any of these inks in any number of pens; the Lamy pens did their job and let the inks speak their language.

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For the last two years my wife has insisted on filling her fire engine red Safari with Montblanc Royal Blue. It's a well behaved, bright mid-blue ink that flows easily in her Safari.

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