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Cartier Blowout Sale New Old Stock!


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New old stock for sale!!



We have a few Cartier items left in our inventory and we are pricing them to go!!!



BP= Ballpoint MP= Mechanical pencil FP= Fountain pen RB= Rollerball



We have:


CRT_ST180002 X1 Cartier Diabolo Black w/ Yellow golden Finish MP .7mm

CRT_ST180088 X1 Cartier Diabolo Rock and roll BP

CRT_ST180109 X1 Cartier Diabolo Decor Clap Estimated BP

CRT_ST180110 X1 Cartier Diabolo Decor The End Estimated BP

CRT_ST180111 X1 Cartier Diabolo Decor Film Metal Estimated BP

CRT_ST220001 X1 Cartier Pasha Black composite w/ Platinum trim Fine point 18k nib FP

CRT_ST220022 X 1 Cartier Pasha Grodrons Decor FP Fine point 18k nib



We also have refills. Buy two get one free!! While supply's last Free refill is to be equal or lesser value.



CRT_VXRB0311 X 31 Cartier Jumbo Black Pasha/Must BP Refill will fit as well(Old Pasha)

CRT_VXRB0412 X13 Cartier Mini BP Blue Pack of 5

CRT_VXRB0412 X 23 Cartier Mini BP Black pack of 5

CRT_VXRM0611 X10 Cartier eraser refill will fit ( Diabolo, Louis Cartier)

CRT_VXRM0711 X 8 Cartier Mini Diabolo eraser refill

CRT_VXRP1210 X10 Cartier Yellow Converter will fit ( Louis Cartier, Must De Cartier, Panthere Cougar)

CRT_VXRP1330 X 2 Cartier Diabolo Yellow gold finish Converter

CRT_VXRRO111 X12 Cartier Vendome Black RB Refill

CRT_VXRR0213 X 60 Cartier Blue Medium RB will fit ( Old Pasha, Old Must de Cartier, Mini Diabolo)

CRT_VXRR0211 x 70 Cartier Black refill will fit ( Old Pasha, Old Must de Cartier, Mini Diabolo)

CRT_ZB500213 X2 Cartier Santa's Crew Holiday Cards




Please call or email for pricing and remaining stock.


1-800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272













Pen Boutique
Pen Boutique on facebook!

Pen Boutique on Instagram!


Columbia, Maryland, USA (Opp. to The Mall in Columbia)

"FPN Rocks!!! It also gives you extra 5% at our store with coupon code: FPNROCKS" Exlcusive for FPN members only

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