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Help! And, Sharing About A Pen Contest/giveaway


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I came across a contest that others might be interested in, but after poking around endlessly trying to figure out how to post it in the Mall, I'm going to post it here; perhaps someone can repost in the appropriate spot!


Letters to Santa Giveaway, by Goldspot pen blog: submit a letter regarding your dream pen, and your wish may be granted! Good luck!!






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What pen did you ask Santa for?!


Selecting a pen from the vast world of fine writing instruments is challenging! I would love a pen, from Santa, that is:

- in part, white lacquer

- a fountain pen

- on the small side


Any suggestions?

I eyed an Aurora Optima (I think it was called?), a small one, maybe that wasn't the name, online. I will have to look for it again! We are on a tight budget, so any new pen is but a letter to Santa!

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I wrote a draft, and when I get home I'll transcribe it in neat cursive onto a Christmas card and send it. I'm wary about posting this and bumping this thread, possibly giving the giveaway more participants and lessening my chances, but whatever - I have to thank you for sharing this!

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Thanks for posting the link. I was amused by the "Oh, the winner will be someone who asked for a Metropolitan, right?" So I said, "Hmmmm. Don't suppose...." But Gloriosky! They had the one I just cannot bring myself to buy -- the one that I could only really afford if I won the lottery (and since I mostly don't *play* the lottery, winning it isn't happening anytime soon ;)). Especially since I ended up acquiring way more pens this year than I had planned (including being gifted with a bunch of nice ones). So I guess I'm not *too* old to be writing to Santa.... B) Maybe a little greedy though.... :blush:

Ironically, I have a spreadsheet set up for inks I'm considering getting, with a bunch of dealers so I can compare prices. Goldspot.com is actually one of the columns, but I hadn't gotten around to looking at their website....

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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Surprisingly, I was one of the runner-ups! They sent me a nice Jinhao Goldspot fountain pen, a black leather Parker pen case, a Rhodia notepad and a sample vial of ink! I was thrilled and now I guess I can't say I never win anything anymore. If you go to their website and click on their blog the whole list of winners is there.

I am really liking them as a company (and not just because I won). They are competitively priced, fast shipping, great selection, and friendly customer service.

I posted last week about how they threw a fountain pen (Jinhao) and a sample of ink into a package that I ordered for my son. He never showed any interest in fountain pens before but now that he had been gifted one he wanted to learn about them and how to write with them. He LOVES it!

I used to be a Goulet fanboy and they're still a great company but Goldspot will be seeing much more of my business.

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