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Pilot Wa (Waverly) Nib Vs Sheaffer Triumph Nib


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I was thinking about getting a Pilot with a WA (Waverly) nib and was wondering if any of you have used it and compared it with the writing experience of a Sheaffer Triumph nib, which has that slight upturned nib as well. I think that is called a "Waverly" type of nib though I don't think Sheaffer called it as such.


I've seen the excellent thread where there's a visual comparison of the Triumph nib with the Pilot WA nib but I was wondering about comparing the feel of writing of one versus the other. (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/223586-pilot-custom-742-waverly-nib/) I have a couple pens with Triumph nibs (Imperial II Deluxe and Sentinel Snorkel) and I love both of those nibs; was wondering if this should be next on the list?

Inked: Aurora Optima EF (Pelikan Tanzanite); Franklin Christoph Pocket 20 Needlepoint (Sailor Kiwa Guro); Sheaffers PFM I Reporter/Fine (Diamine Oxblood); Franklin Christoph 02 Medium Stub (Aurora Black); Platinum Plaisir Gunmetal EF (Platinum Brown); Platinum Preppy M (Platinum Blue-Black). Leaded: Palomino Blackwing 602; Lamy Scribble 0.7 (Pentel Ain Stein 2B); Uni Kuru Toga Roulette 0.5 (Uni Kuru Toga HB); Parker 51 Plum 0.9 (Pilot Neox HB)

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I've got a Custom 743 with WA nib, and several Sheaffer's with Triumph nibs, both 1940's Triumphs and 1960's Imperials.


The Sheaffers that I have are all F or XF nibs, the Pilot is closer to an M than anything else, pretty wet and good for shading inks.


They all write similarly; smoothly, quite rigid.


I like all of mine.

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I have 2 Snorkels (f) with the turned up nib tip, and a Pilot Custom 742 WA. My Pilot is smoother, and wetter.

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