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My latest ink is Diamine Marine


As I said in my review for Diamine Havasu Turquoise and Diamine Turquoise I have been collecting turquoise inks and samples since I bought a bottle of Caran d'Ache Caribbean Sea. There are several inks that are a good alternative for that deleted ink and I intend to show you as many as I can. The best match I have found so far is Kaweco Paradise Blue and I will be posting a review of that ink soon.

Diamine Marine is another alternative. It's very slightly greener than and has about the same saturation as Havasu Turquoise. It is more like a slightly greenish turquoise ink than a sky blue ink. I'm not sure you would need Marine, Havasu Turquoise and Turquoise in one ink collection though.
If someone forced me to choose between D Havasu Turquoise, Turquoise and Marine, so that I could only have one of them in my collection, I would have a real problem choosing between Turquoise and Marine. Marine is spot in the middle of blue and green though. The exact colour that you would describe bright turquoise as.
I have previously reviewed Diamine Soft Mint and Diamine Steel Blue ink and at the time I believed Steel Blue might be the closest match to Caran d'Ache Caribbean Sea. However, I think you could choose Diamine Turquoise or Diamine Marine for a closer match.


  • Although this isn't a waterproof ink, it shows good water resistance, as do many turquoise inks.
  • Bearing in mind the paper I use is thick with a shiny surface, and I used a Lamy M nib, this ink took 15-16 secs to dry.
  • It flows through the pen very well and lubricates the nib very well. I saw no skips or hard starts while I did swabs and dry time tests. It was one of those pen and ink moments that produced a great match for me. They really played well together.
  • It is currently available in 80ml glass bottles, 30ml plastic refill bottles or International sized cartridges.
  • Diamine sell it directly to end-users on their web-site.
  • It's a reasonable price.


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Great review! I might have to look into this color.


I too am a huge turquoise fan! I discovered L'Artisan Pastelier Callifolio Bleu Pacifique, and also Callifolio Bleu Atlantique (slightly darker), and am really enjoying their brilliant color, sheen, shading and flow. Bleu Pacifique is very close to Waterman South Seas (now Inspired Blue).

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I use Diamine Marine for mixing because it is really a nice stable ink. Thanks for the review.

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Am I the only one who thinks Diamine Marine looks a lot like current Sheaffer Green but perhaps a bit darker? I think I like R&K Smaragdgrun more because it is a little bit less blue than either of these, but all three seem to be trouble-free inks.

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I love this color. I generally pick turquoise inks that lean blue, but I really like how this ink leans toward green and is a great shading ink.

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Am I the only one who thinks Diamine Marine looks a lot like current Sheaffer Green but perhaps a bit darker?


You are not the only one. I think they are very similar - I can hardly tell them apart.

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