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Con70 In Metropolitan/cocoon?


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I did a brief search but haven't found a definitive answer.


Does the con70 converter fit into the metropolitan? I just bought a cocoon but I don't want to buy the converter if it's not going to fit.

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Nup the con-70 would be too big to fit.


The pilot cocoon only fits with the con-20 and con-50 and next year the con-40 (when it comes out)

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con-50 will though

the only budget pen I know that can fit the CON-70 is the kakuno but you would need to get the straight barrel one not the one that looks like it's cap


Are there two Kakunos? I don't get what you mean with "straight barrel". I know there is a white barrel one and a dark barrel one, but I didn't know they were different.

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