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Help Me To Re-Assemble This Wonderful Filcao After Cleaning


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I took apart this old Filcao that was in my box and gave it a really good rinse this morning. Although I did pay attention to the disassembly, I have a few questions about reassembly that I cannot find answers to here or elsewhere on the web.


1. In the picture, where the red arrow is pointing, where and how does that get seated? Or is it just insert button/spring, screw on the section and hope for the best?


2. What would in fact be the order of re-assembly and does the spring have to face in a certain direction?


3. When I pulled the section apart from the barrel, the sac seemed wrapped around the internal spring, but after rinsing the sac seems to have flattened. How to re-assemble?


4. Last, ink seems to flow a little too much from where the nib inserts into the section - blue arrow - like, there will often be a small drop of ink sitting there - is it just me or is there a way to stop this?


Okay, maybe I didn't pay *that* much attention during dis-assembly.


Thanks so much!


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I have never seen this model of pen, but I suspect there will be a gap between the screw threads next to the nipple where it should seat. I would imagine that the other side of the press bar (that we can't see in the picture) should be facing the sac, but am not certain of that.


I think this pen needs a new sac before reassembly. Once you have a new sac on the nipple you would place the bar inside the barrel, (probably with the smooth flat parts facing the sac), then seat it into the correct position before screwing the barrel back on to the section.


I don't know about the nib & feed, maybe it has just come out of the grip a little?

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I'm not familiar with this brand, but it looks to be a button filler. You would ideally want to install the pressure bar after screwing the section to the barrel, so that the ink sac doesn't get caught on the pressure bar and become twisted - the old sac does look quite mangled!


Have a good look at the end of the barrel, because it looks slightly unconventional. Does that metal trim piece at the end of the barrel screw out?

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Okay these are good responses, thank you so much.


Interesting you both say to replace the sac - it seems to be in good condition other than being not tubular. It was actually twisted around the pressure bar when I dis-assembled it. Sac repair is beyond what I'm willing to undertake at this point unless it just doesn't work at all when I put it back together.


Chrissy: Thanks. I see how that would be the proper order of re-assembly because as Flounder noted, the metal trim piece at the end of the barrel is removable - it will then hold the button on when replaced.


re-assemble section to barrel.

insert pressure bar through the top of the pen so that smooth side is facing sac, then seat it

insert button

secure with trim-ring piece.


Flounder I mis-spelled "Filcao" in the heading perhaps that's why you've never heard of it? Regardless, it's a wonderful pen, *very* smooth if that's your thing.


Edit: on second thought I might just send it out for a new sac and have them look at re-seating the nib section.

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