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Deatramentis Black-Brown


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This is one of the DeAtramentis inks I purchased as a sample. Again, it was different on two different web sites online shops. I kind of thought it would be a very blackish brown, and it appears to be more of a deep burgundy. In person, you'd never think of this as a black, though the iPhotos may give that impression.


This ink gave me some trouble on one paper, but I'm not sure if my altered fill technique was a factor. Usually I'd just dip the nib in the sample vial and fill as best as one can do. But I saw a mention by someone who simply filled a syringe and used that to directly fill a converter, or in my case, the ink chamber of a Pelikan. Then turn the piston down to force ink to fill the feed. Seemed brilliant to me. But I don't know if this was a factor in the odd performance. But it did seem that it was one sheet of the MvL that had the problem while another did not. So it could be a bad sheet of paper too.


MvL = Mohawk via Linen.




Not really black as in this pic.





Washes dirty red-violet. Somewhat water resistant. The black mostly stays behind.





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