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Ink Review: Kaweco Caramel Brown


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This is a review for Kaweco Caramel Brown ink. This is the latest shade of brown from Kaweco. The previous brown was called Earth Brown and it's darker. You might still find some older bottles of Kaweco Earth Brown ink and the older ink boxes are a darker brown colour. You can tell if you have one of the newest bottles because the name of the ink is now printed on the box. It's also on the cartridge packs and Kaweco branding is now on each cartridge.

This is a pretty shade of brown ink. It's not too dark, or almost black and I like it for that. However, I found it quite dry in the Kaweco Dia2 pen that I tested it with, despite the fact that I left the cartridge in the pen for a few days to ensure that the feed was saturated enough. It felt dryer to write with than the Midnight Blue and Ruby Red inks that I have already reviewed from Kaweco.
You might still find some older bottles of Kaweco Earth brown ink. The inks are a fairly similar colour.
This ink isn't waterproof, and it doesn't stain fingers.
Kaweco ink is made in Germany. It is available in 30ml bottles or packs containing 6 standard international sized cartridges.
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On Gmund cream 170g and M&K 90g white embossed paper, using an Pelikan Celebry F nib, my color is a tad lighter....still well caramel. It shaded on both papers.

On the white paper was a tad of a shift to red, not seen on the creme paper.

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*bumping up a 4-year old thread*


Chrissy’s scan above totally nails the essence of this ink. I’d like to add two personal observations here. First, like Kaweco Midnight Blue and Sailor kiwaguro, this is one of a small number of inks that won’t spread on the page at all, assuming non-absorbent paper like Rhodia, Clairefontaine, etc. In other words, it perfectly reflects the true nib width and the lines are very crisp (again assuming non-absorbent paper). I _love_ that in an ink! Second, it sheens a deep, dark green. I cleaned the rim of the bottle before closing it and this is what I got:




In very wet pens, the green undertone is clearly visible in the written text.


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