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Reparation Of Mont Blanc Lennon And Mahatma Ghandi


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Hi everyone,


I need to get some information about My MB fountain pen.

I have to sell one MB lennon and another Mahatma Ghandi to buy another one fountain pen.

Unfortunately the piston are broken on the both fountain pen... :unsure: I've contacted MB services to get a price for the reparation but as it is a limited edition they cannot give me an estimation unless I send them the pens. So I'd like know how could it cost to repair its?


Before all I need to know the estimation of the fountain pens, someone know how does it cost now or where is ti possible to get this information?






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No-one can tell you apart from Montblanc. So if they say they need to see the pens, and you want them repaired, then you need to send them to Montblanc. It won't be cheap!

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Sure, I guess It won't be cheap! But if anyone has ever repaired those one it would be helpfull to get the estimation of the pens. It's the entire piston which is broken...


Moreover it would be helpfull to know the price of this pens in used condition please?

I have buyers for those ones and I want to know primarily how much could I sell it.

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3 years ago when I sent in my Shaw, it was $175. But much depends on the pen. I've heard of costs as high as $450 for some because of the pen's construction (Medici) So we honestly don't know and you'll need to get the estimate from MB to know for sure. At least when they do the repairs, you'll get back a warranted pen with new parts in working condition.


Best place to get a reliable estimate of what they really sell for, not just what people are asking, is eBay. Do a search of completed sales for these models.

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