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Software Stylus Samples - Digital Handwriting Showcase

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I have it and it is wonderful Recommended without hesitation. I don't have nor need pencil (which doesn't work on my iPad) but use it with a regular stylus or finger. Great! It doesn't hlep on writing like that on real paper since it doesn't depend on skill at writing. But good indeed!

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This was written with ProCreate on iPad Pro and Apple Pencil with settings applied to the "Technical Pen" tool to emulate a fountain pen - where pressure can be applied to broaden the size of the pen's writing line. The Pressure Sensitivy Curve was also edited to taper off from the maximum thicknesses when high pressure levels are applied, while making smaller pressure levels more diferentiated.



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I am astonished how good the writing looks in the iPad Pro-Apple Pencil sample.

Would you say the writing experience is a big improvement over the 53 stylus with the iPad 2?

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I am astonished how good the writing looks in the iPad Pro-Apple Pencil sample.

Would you say the writing experience is a big improvement over the 53 stylus with the iPad 2?

Yes yes yes ... Much better; not only does pressure sensitivity work much more accurately/naturally , but also also the end of the Apple pencil is a more defined point that you can see where the contact is made.


However, that said - NOTE-TAKING apps are not optimized for the Apple pencil. Art apps in general are what works as the Apple pencil was designed (for now, several note-taking apps are working on this now).


Adobe Sketch is fantastic if you don't care for line thickness variation - although if you use the pencil tool in that app - can get light and dark stroke variations.


Procreate is very very very good - but I had to highly custom settings for the "technical pen" tool to emulate a fountain pen - as well as a custom pressure sensitivity curve in global preferences.


After that - you're good to go. Very nice feel. Thanks for asking. Check out my personal blog for more samples (Richimages dot net) as well as the "What does your handwriting look like" thread here. And, the "Handwriting post only" thread.



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t's about the Apps. I don't need a stylus most of the time unless I want to control how much area I use. or where to put the test neatly. In those cases a common $7 stylus works.


I take notes with both INKredible and Notes Plus. Notes Plus more complete to categorize and keep separate subjects and share.


Love the easy it is INKredible for quick notes. Perfect to Tweet and Facebook to the world once placed on a nice photo.


I This is all written with my finger, but of course with more time, a stylus is better to handle these Apps.

It is INKredible, not INKredibe!



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I still have a special fondness for INKredible and Notes Plus ... but, I hardly use these apps since the Apple Pencil came along.


Now, I enjoy full control of line variation with the Apple Pencil by applying pressure. There are some great apps that support a very natual feel of pen and paper. Two in particular:


ProCreate (and I do tweak the Pressure sensitivity curve with size to adjust how much, and sensitive the line thickness changes ... )


Adobe Sketch - no line variation ... but if you use the pencil, there is shading differences that does look quite nice.

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The ipad Pro with Apple Pencil is, in my opinion 98 -99% of what a regular pen or pencil will feel like. I had thought for years that this was a pipe dream.


I use Notes Plus, they have, once again in my opinion, THE BEST software. For art there really is no beating Procreate. It's simply amazing.


With the Ipad Pro (12.9") its very very close to a legal pad size. So I can write at 100% sizing without zoom in boxes, or anything like that. The only time paper and pen come out is when I run out to a customer (don't want to seem pretentious), or out on the shop floor, where I don't want the chance of dropping my IPP.


The ability to have near no limit on the amount of pages, or notebooks themselves, in legal pad sized pages, is great. My personal journal is hand written and now includes sketches, web clippings (notes plus), and camera photos at over 130 pages long at legal pad sized paper (which notes plus allows you to fully customize), and it being 1/2 way through the year, I'd hate to think the storage room for this in Moleskines. Since 1 page of Notes plus set to 8.5x11" is 2 pages of Moleskine paper, and they are limited to 240 pages per book...


Export to PDF and archive or print away!


PS. clipping a section or pdf page or full notebook out to a collegue at work, even during the meeting, is simply amazingly powerful. Importing or export a meeting file or picture and note right on it.

Freedom First, Condemn Conformity.

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Oh, If the iPad could be made paper thin and rollaable like an old time newspaper! I envisioned this a long, long time before i saw the first such newspaper device in the movie "Minority Report". But then again, storage depends on memory on an iPad, as well as paper pages on a Moleskine, so there is no advantage at all. You pay dearly for memory.


I am just playing the devil's advocate because I love my iPads and Macs and writing programs and apps, but there is nothing better feeling on my hands as real paper! I will be satisfied with technology when I see a writing electronic device I can roll like a newspaper that does have infinite storage that cannot be zapped by a magnetic field. I love my Notes Plus, but I can never feel the same freedom as on paper, as much as I tried. For a page or even three at a time, it is OK to use the iPad for many pages, I wouldn't rely on it. I do find they are nice play things, but no serious substitutes. I can journal dreams or jot down ideas of things I can loose on an iPad... But nort very important work. You can open a notebook immediately, an iPad some time to boot and depends on charge, sometimes darkness (to see well) etc, etc. You can argue that a notebook depends on graphite or ink as well, but that is much cheaper and accessible (anyone can lend yo a pen) than a charger or lack of light. Technology is selling us expensive gadgets that have more dificculties for normal use than the real thing. But hey, it feels nice to use them, we have to live up to today's expectations of using the new tools. I do, I am guilty of that, too. They have their place and then again, maybe they are not the solution for everything. On the job writing with an ipad or any other device? I wouldn't go there!

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When I find my font that I created, I'm going to post it for others to use too. I love the digital handwriting.

Fountain pens are my preferred COLOR DELIVERY SYSTEM (in part because crayons melt in Las Vegas).

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