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Can Anyone Help Me Contact Someone At Montblanc?


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Hey everyone!

Recently inherited a vintage 146 from my uncle with a cracked cap, and took it into the Hong Kong Montblanc store for a repair. Had just the worlds worst string of bad customer service, lack of professionalism, and overall horrible attitude far beyond anything I've experienced in a long while. I really am hoping to write an email to someone at Montblanc - ideally someone in the Hong Kong, or APAC region - but really anyone who can help with customer service would be appreciated.

After an hour or so of searching, I can't seem to find anything except for the CEO, J Lamberts - who isn't someone who could help - and the general 'service@montblanc.com' email.

Does anyone know any way I can reach out to them?


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I would email service@montblanc, and copy the CEO, the HK store, and anybody else you might find.


This makes people nervous and usually works to solve your problem !

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Larry Barrieau

There are a lot of companies today who would rather not hear from you and so make getting any contact information difficult or impossible. Often you end up with five or six connections each listing menus none of which can help and certainly you will never actually talk to a human.

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