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Venvstas First Review, My First Review


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Dear all, this is my review-like, or, more or less description I should say, as an answer from an user from Poland who asked for any information on this brand, venvstas, The model is called Venvstas Carbon T. It's a pen of the same size of a lamy 2000, but 1cm thick all made in carbon fiber, with a thing they call velvet finish. The texture and the material it reminds me the finish of the Visconti Pininfarina; I had both pens in my hands once, so I can say is the same material. The difference is that the pininfarina is 800 euro, and for this one I've payed 50. Although they are quite different pens.


Im attaching some pics of the one I own, a pen that was bought in Paris a couple of years ago in a shop that was not about pens, but about carbon fiber items. For those who're familiar with Paris, or from Paris (I don't live there, but I go often because of my work) this shop was in Le Marais, and last time I went there to take a look for more strange things, the shop/gallery went out of business....nevertheless, this is one of their pens. I do not pretend to do a review quite like most users they do here, as my hand writing is awful, but I can share some pictures that are a bit better to the ones I've used to answer a previous topic. The pen in question is a fountain pen, that uses cartridges, in my case I have it with a schmidt converter. I have contacted the makers in order to have some original information, also I have asked the makers on why there is so little or no presence at all in fountain pen blogs, forums and sites of the like, and the answer was that they are oriented to other type of customers. Maybe this is a mistake, and maybe that's why the pen I got was in a design oriented shop and not in a pen shop.
The Carbon T as it's called, has a stainless steel M nib, 5mm feeder; very flexible, and the overall design of it is minimal. i don't write I draw, so I can say, I like to draw with it. The pen is really the most minimal pen I've ever had or seen, it reminds a bit the lamy cp1, but the look, feeling and design is to me superior. Plus, both pens are priced at almost the same price, 48 vs 50. I have no idea if this company is meant to compete with lamy, but, I have to say that the nib is superior, its really a truly flexible nib, and the carbon fiber construction vs the aluminum one, I think to me is nicer, as it's never cold, nevertheless, its a very lightweight pen, it has a stainless steel clip, very small, and the cap can be posted in a very strange way, its somehow inserted inside. A feature I have found interesting; the pen works with a kind of push-pull system to take off the barrel, which proves practical, and so the cap. I can answer any question if somebody ask me on it, plus, I've checked the web site, and I have not seen this model, perhaps it has been discontinued, or who knows. I also recommend to just contact this people, in the web site it's not possible to find it, and I'have never registered this pen on it. Apparently you can register your products, but that's something I never do no matter what.











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A very interesting design. You mention that the nib has some flex to it. Do you have a writing sample you can readily post?

"Oh deer."

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A very interesting design. You mention that the nib has some flex to it. Do you have a writing sample you can readily post?

I'll make one, sure, no problem, I'll take a look on other reviews and how samples are made, I have to say that I'm not much of a writer, but yes I sketch a lot with fountain pens, so flexibility is an important characteristic for me while choosing a nib, or a fountain pen. I like nibs they can vary thickness........I've been using them since I'm 8, so, I've been many years now with them. When I tried to use a lamy safari in the fashion I use this one, the nib will be flexed to the point of bending, thus ruining the nib.....the thing is that I have found this nib in the venvstas to have more material and of better quality, plus its a quite long and narrow nib. to me, a geometric characteristic that improves flexibility, I shall post more information on this pen, another user posted pictures of a different venvstas pen, where the nib is hooded, but I'm sure it's again the very same type of nib. I've been looking their site, where I could not find this particular pen, nor the other posted in FPN, but I saw a bunch of other models, overall, I'm founding the designs of these pens sometimes strange, sometimes not, but always they look interesting, I may buy more of these pens in the future..........specially the piston fillers if I get the chance to find one, that I saw in FPN,

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Well, this is the best I can, I've tried the following, a series of straight lines, the nib is a medium nib, so, I did a normal line, a line with, lets say medium pressure, and one really doing a lot more, and then a fine line by reversing the nib. Also I took a look on the following post, I've sent a message to the owner because I think, both nibs are the same, anyway, here is the post....the ink is JHerbin, paper, not the best for ink drawing.








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