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The Clip Fell Off My Waterman 52!


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I have a woodgrain Waterman Model 52, which I haven't been using a lot but kept in a pen carrier. I notice that the gold clip has recently fallen off, revealing a glob of what looks a lot like epoxy. Any advice on how these were actually put together, and maybe how to put it back?

I still have the clip, btw.


Thanks, all.

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The clips were originally attached using a vaguely staple-shaped part whose legs extended upwards through two holes in the clip, where the ends wee mushroomed to secure the clip.


From your description, your pen passed through the hands of a hack repairperson or an impatient amateur, unfortunately.



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This is not one of the easiest pen repair tasks. The first problem is extraction of the inner cap so that the old fixing staple can be removed. You then need to make a new staple from the correct diameter gold or silver wire (copper is sometimes used but the staple rivet heads will need to be plated when the job is finished). The staple legs have to be cut to the correct length so that they can be riveted (mushroomed) with a light hammer whilst supporting the back of the staple on a metal block. There is much more to be said if you really want to try it - have a look at 'PenRepair'. You will also have to make several tools in order to do it properly.

It never ceases to amaze me that Watermans persisted for so many years with this design of clip when far superior designs (eg Sheaffer's spring loaded clip) could have been used.


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