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Parker Vacumatic Feed Sizes?


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Hi Folks,


I posted a version o this topic in the Parker Forum (here) that didn't get much feedback, so I thought I would try here as well. I'm working to restore a 1948 vac major and I need a new feed and nib. After bouncing around a few threads here on FPN, I've begun worrying about the interchangeability of Parker feeds (several posters note that the feeds they have on hand don't fit; some wonder about celluloid shrinkage being the culprit, others about machining tolerances). So I thought I would ask for input: On Balance, would any 3rd generation Vac Major feed fit? Or, indeed, would the feed from a second or first generation vac standard fit (barring of course the 'W' feeds) fit a third generation Major?


I was also wondering about nibs for my project pen: what nib (model and date stamp) would be consistent with a barrel 1st quarter 1948 barrel?


Thanks for your help and suggestions!



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Just a follow up, based on information BrianMcQueen provided here -- the upshots amount to some good advice:


  1. To prevent any possible feed/section fit problems, look for a complete assembly to install.
  2. Where that's not feasible, know that all 3rd gen Major feeds ought to be interchangeable.
  3. corresponding models between 2nd generation and 3rd generation Vacs should have interchangeable feeds too.
  4. Debutante and Sub-Debutante models have the same size nibs (and, by implication, feeds) as the 3rd Gen Major.
  5. Finally a 3rd Gen Junior Vac section will fit a Major's Barrel -- but the former's nib is smaller!

The other bit of information, which I had already suspected but not confirmed, is that '48 vacs would all have had monotone nibs.


Hope that helps other folks as well. It was precisely the kind of information I had been searching for but hadn't found on my own. Thanks to everyone!

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