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Hero 448 Disassembly - How?


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Hello everybody,


as I did not find any related Topic and Workflows from other hero pens don´t work, just one simple question:


Does anybody know how to disassemble / remove nib from a Hero 448 for cleaning and moderate adjustment purposes?


Thanks for any hint!


Best, Tom


Please: no "if you do not know how to disassemble, you might want to refrain from cleaning/adjustment ideas..." - I see your point, but I have reworked several pens already including repair of leaking Lamy 2000 and successfully reworked Montblancs. I just ask here, because the disassembly of that hero does not look intuitive and before damaging (even a pennies´ fountain pen) I just prefer to ask around some. Any friendly response is more than welcome and I do appreciate!! Thanks in advance and feixang gan xie if someone from the pen´s origin knows how to help... :)

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