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Pen Review: Kaweco Al Sport Stonewashed Fp


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Kaweco AL Sport Stonewashed Blue FP Review

History (reproduced from the Kaweco web-site)
The first Kaweco Sport was founded in 1912 as a pocket fountain pen for ladies, officers and sportsmen. In 1930 the brands and models of Kaweco and Aurumia fused and the Ka We Co three part circle emerged. This circle is still used today on nearly all of it’s pens.
In 1993 H & M Gutberlet GmbH made it’s first prototypes for a relaunch of the Kaweco Sport under the name Trekking, but gained and registered the rights to rename as Kaweco in 1994.
The Kaweco Sport was newly produced as a cartridge holder in 1995, but the design remained the same as the 1935 model.
In 2000 the first Limited Sport edition was produced in green celluloid, and the AL Sport as well as the Art Sport were launched in 2003.
The Pen
Measurements: Closed; 107mm, Posted; 135mm, Nib; 17mm.
I think the phrase ‘small but perfectly formed’ could be coined for the Kaweco Sport. It starts off as a small and compact pen until you remove it’s octagonal cap, and replace it on the end of the barrel to make a good sized fountain pen in your hand. The Sport Stonewashed struck me as feeling lighter than it looked, and that’s because both the barrel and cap are made from made from aluminium. It feels light but nice in your hand. I chose a Fine steel nib for this pen.
It’s not a new pen that you would feel precious about, as it’s Stonewashed finish makes it look like it’s been rattling about in a handbag or a box, and rubbing against other metal objects, for some time. It starts off with a worn, almost neglected, look that intentionally reminds you of stonewashed jeans, that are tumbled with stones in large drums to get that ‘already worn’ look.
The Filling system
As I’m reviewing some Kaweco pens and inks, I selected a Midnight Blue cartridge for the AL Stonewashed Blue FP. The cartridges are International Short cartridge size.
If you’re looking for a pen with a sophisticated piston filling system, or even a classic type of twist converter, then you might be disappointed with this pocket-sized pen. There is only room for one International short cartridge due to it’s miniature size. However, I don’t find this a problem at all.
The Writing Test
I may have made a mistake of expecting it to write straight out of the box, but at first I found it to have start, and flow issues, until I removed the cartridge again, and flushed out the pen with some soapy, then clean water. Assuming you are holding the pen in your right hand hold the nib top and bottom (not sides) and it unscrews in a clockwise direction with your left hand.
The writing test here shows how it wrote for me after flushing and drying, then spending two days, nib down, with the Midnight Blue cartridge inside. It isn’t at all tiring to write with and I didn’t find the grip at all slippery. Once I got it writing the firm, steel Fine nib gave me a smooth writing experience that rivalled that of some gold nibs in more expensive pens. There is no flex with the nib.
The pen comes with a standard steel nib with EF, F, M, B and BB tip options.
I am advised by Kaweco that threaded steel calligraphy nibs are available to fit this pen, as are 14ct gold, and black steel options.
Overall Opinion
Kaweco Sport pens have a really good screw cap that prevents their cartridges from drying out, and I have always liked that in this type of pen. I also love the fact that the Sport AL pens come in the Kaweco super metal gift tin that easily takes two pens plus a couple of spare cartridges.
If you want a clip or a converter they are available separately, but I find it as easy to refill cartridges from bottled ink with a syringe, as using the tiny squeeze type of converter that is made to fit this pen.
All in all, I really like this pen and I would recommend it. The RRP of this pen in the UK is £63, but you can buy it for less.
Kaweco loaned me this pen to review, and I really appreciate that. Thank you Kaweco.
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Very nice review, Chrissy. Thank you.


I originally purchased the non stonewashed blue version more than a year ago. I carry it every day and after about 6 months in the pocket with coins and keys, it looked like the stonewashed version - quite by accident.


It's a great pocket pen and, as pointed out, once posted it feels like a full size pen. I have the medium nib and love it. They do sell a small squeeze converter for it but I have found that to get a complete fill in the converter, I need to use a syringe. At which point I could just be refilling cartridges.



Carpe Stylum!

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Your review tallies with my experience, Chrissy - except mine came with added guilt of the bought another pen variety. (It's okay, I got over it. :D ) The ready-beaten-up look may put some people off, but it's spared me all the "Oh nooooo, I've scratched/knocked/mildly-abraded-which-you-can-just-about-see-if-you-turn-it-to-this-angle-under-ultraviolet-light my new pen" angst, so definitely the finish of choice for me!

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Great review, thanks!


The funny thing about this pen is that people are less cautious with it because a scratch more or less doesn't really matter.


I even suspect people are making more scratches on it by themselves :o

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Great review!

I just bought the black stonewashed with an EF nib. Wow, these nibs are fat and juicy. The EF writes between a medium and fine compared to my Japanese pens. Super smooth nib. What a wonderful pen!

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