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Tenebris Purpuratum - Franklin-Christoph


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Please,allow me to start by saying thank you mmg112 for sending me samples of all new Franklin-Christoph's writing fluids (and much more!). I appreciate it a lot and I hope the reviews I've prepared are enough to repay you :)


Franklin-Christoph is one of fairly new pen makers. I had three of their pens and they were all good writers. The company is headed by Scott Franklin and operates from North Carolina. I like company's approach to clients (sales directly to us) and they're designs.

Franklin-Christoph offers not only pens but also notebooks, pen cases, wallets and inks. I was huge fan of Olde Emerald from first generation of their inks. It used to be my favourite ink for a while. At the moment however the bottle's long gone and I keep fond memories of this exceptional writing fluid.

I was surprised to hear they've stopped producing first generation of their inks, especially after I took a look at new colors. First generation colors were rather unique, second generation colors are rather generic. And that's not an advantage to my eyes. Being boring in ink market may be safe when you're Pelikan or Sheaffer, but for smaller player it's risky. Just my opinion.

If you happen to know who makes they're ink, I'm eager to know.

The second generation of FC inks counts eight inks with uninteresting names (Black Magic, Dark Denim, Olde Emerald - those were cool names; Blue 72, Emerald 357 are NOT cool names)

But then there are four new colors with cool names. Woo-hoo!

Tenebris Purpuratum is well behaved ink with reasonable dry times and good properties. It's not waterproof.

Ink Splash


Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Software ID


Color Range


Tomoe River, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




Leuchtturm1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




Oxford, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




Pigna, Kaweco Classic Sport, B


Water resistance


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Another excellent ink review Visvamitra and you're right. This ink does have a cool name. Very catchy

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Another great review. I really like this color. It kind of reminds me of DeAtramentis Pearl Violet, only with a bit more blue-gray tones.

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Thank you for the review and for your other review of the FC inks. Sounds like the Olde Emerald in your view hasn't yet been matched. Would you still recommend this one for someone looking for a purple ink?

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Another great review. I really like this color. It kind of reminds me of DeAtramentis Pearl Violet, only with a bit more blue-gray tones.



I was going to say it reminds me of Tamon Grey, but it also reminds me of Pearl Violet.

Thanks Vis for another great review.

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You could hardly be more right about Olde Emerald. However, I have a bottle which I bought just last year, I just bought an F-C pen in ice (Model 66,) I want to fill it with the ink, but when I opened the bottle, it seemed so thick and heavily-saturated (consistent, not gummy or gunky, but... syrupy?) that I'm afraid it will stain the pen (I keep a few pens filled at a time, so it might be in there awhile.) I know I've stored it properly, so I can't imagine the properties (or whatever) changed. Thoughts? Thanks.

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