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The Matador Thread


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In another thread at the photography forum, some members mentioned that it would be apreciated to have an own thread for the German brand Matador.

Matador is a somewhat unknown brand for some collectors, but there are lots of informations (specially on German board penexchange.de) if you take time for searching.


This thread should not content historical facts about Matador as a main topic. The idea of this thread is to show a picture or two of YOUR Matador and share the informations you have about it with us.


I only have a few Matadors in my own collection, but I'd like to start with this:




It's a Matador Express 815, probably made during the 30's (pre WWII), and is fitted with a huge #6 nib, made in New York. The really special thing about this pen is that the cap top and the mechanics as well are made of the same celluloid as the rest of the pen. I have never seen this before.


I also have some others, but need to do better pictures. Please feel free to jump in with your Matadors in the meantime. This will become a fun thread!



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Christof, that is an amazing celluloid pattern, for sure!


Here is my Matador Click 020, with an amazing BB oblique nib...





 timsvintagepens.com and @timsvintagepens



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Well... this is a nice thread (c. you knew I was going to jump in)... Kind of busy right now but some images at least


A Silver Overlay Safety Matador for the French market with a cute clip

A Matador 952 in the box with instructions.

and a metal advertising (someone sent me the picture) of a matador I am looking for...

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Thank you Ariel. I think the French Matador advert is coming from Gerhard. He showed the sam to me.


These are interesting pens you're showing. Specially the 952. What filling type is it?


Here's a recent picture of my Turbo Matador 921.




The pen is a gift from Thomas N. It came without nib to me and it took me one year to find a matching one...

On the other hand, the pen is NOS and was never used, because the pen was part of a sample collection until 1930's, when the gold nib was confiscated by representives of the German nazi regime. So no one could use it after this.



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The 952 is also a Turbo and it fills like a Turbo, it is only the shape of the pen that includes the end section; it is not as comfortable as the normal one but it works quite well.


The advertising comes from Gerhard indeed, after a conversation about the Crocker (Chilton related) pen with the same curious lever filling system, he mention he had this advertising and we wondered which brand used this lever first.


As soon as I have a minute I will include here my other five Turbos... and my Matador Safeties...

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First image, Turbo Matador

Jade Green 924, Blue 924, Black 924, Black 922, Black & Pearl 922, Coral 921


Second image, Safeties

Two Black # 3, Black Octagonal 100 W (only 3 5/8 long closed), Superior 980 no clip 4 2/8 long) PBF, Safety # 7 and a different one Standard Matador Lapis blue 4 3/8 in long.

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As always: Ariel takes the cake! Wonderful collection!

This is my little extra: Greenpearl celluloid streamlined Turbo- Matador, possibly an unusual shape.

Black and pearl Matador, maybe it is made from artificial horn.

Simple black piston filler with interesting imprint: "E.S. Robert Ley" (E.S. means electro- ship). Possibly it was used in the offices on bord or you could buy it there as a souvenir.

There is some historic interest in this imprint. The ship belonged to the nazi labour organisation KDF and made since 1939, together with its sister ship "Wilhelm Gustloff" holliday cruisings for their members. During the war the ships had been also used as hospital ships and for troop transports. 1945 thousands of refugees had been evacuated from East Prussia across the Baltic Sea. The sister ship Gustloff was hit by Soviet torpedos and sunk with ca. 9000 people on bord. The Robert Ley burnt down in the harbour of Hamburg after an attack of the Royal Air Force.





Kind Regards

Thomas N.

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Thanks to everyone for sharing their photos - they look like stunning pens. Matador is one of those brands that I keep wanting to explore but I've never manage to snag one...

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I can't forget the time, not so long ago when I was asking for Matador at pen shows and few people, specially in American shows, had not heard about it.

I was very lucky, they were there all for me and cheap... Great pen Matador !!


Just to keep this thread going... A Matador Click in the box as well as a Safety BCHR 180 with a New York 4 nib





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