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Fake Hero 616S


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Beware fake Hero 616s on auction and sale sites. I bought one for $2.99 and it is clearly a fake. I took comparison pics so you can see the difference between the real deal and the fake.


Check out my blog post:





Tony Thomas

Author of "The Fountain Pen Book" on Amazon.com.

Editor of the Frugal Fountain Pen Blog:


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Oh' heavens, another accusation of fakery directed against a poor vendor of the Hero 616. Will these libelous attacks never cease?


It would be quite nice if one truly familiar with the Chinese fountain pen industry would provide a description of that industry's practices. I would venture to say that 616 is produced by Hero in several facilities and this would account for variations.


Now why our Frugal Blogger paid nearly $3 for a 616 that is generally available on eBay for as little as $1/free shipping is beyond my understanding. That t'aint too frugal!


Let me add that true fakery can be found in the offerings from manufacturers like Mont Blanc which offer tremendously over-priced pens. And here the fakery is in the form of telling the public that there is true value for money in their products. Now again, that's fakery!

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