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The Fpn 2015 Le Blue Pearl Celebration - Last Chance For Pre-Christmas Delivery


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Ah, Howdy Bushbunny, and others. It seems I need to borrow your "sleuthing gear ", bushbunny, time has a way of hiding from me?!?!

Thank you for keeping the Sherlock schtick going ... and yes, perhaps it is a function of age that makes times pass so quickly or maybe it is our determination to squeeze 30 hours of life into a 24 hour day :rolleyes: :rolleyes: It is great to hear you mastered the bulkfiller process. It is a lot of clockwise and counter-clockwise twisting, but doesn't it work magnificently! Oh, I love to see all that ink drawing up the barrel!


Bushbunny, just a coincidence, I've a Grandfather that was Canadian. I never met him as he was in a fatal accident at his place of employment years before my parents first met. So, would that make me 1/4 Canadian. Cool, I'll claim that. I went back and viewed some of the photos of yours again. I'd sometimes like being far from the " Maddening " crowd, yes I spelled it different from the movie. The Skidoo looks like the ones used for fresh and salt water within a two hour radius of our locale.

How very sad for your family to lose Canadian Grandfather, but we'll take the 1/4 and raise you a 1/2 ....fully half my family lives below the 49th parallel and the rest is up here. My Mother is an American living in the southern USofA enjoying warmer climes, but nothing as hot as Texas in the summer! Business took me to Dallas and San Antonio a few years ago in early April. It was lovely. A return meeting in late July - not so much - good grief, I swear the soles of my dress shoes were melting into the asphalt on the street! Your coastal Seadoos are half-family to Skidoos. The basic design of the Seadoo, Skidoo and Spyder motorcycles are all the same; front balance drive over a tunnel which houses a jet drive, a snow track or wheels. They are also made at BRP up here - must be the same engineers :) I'm always inviting folks with a Canadian connection, or those who want one, to come up for a visit to see the real Canada.

Tonight it is quite balmy at minus 18F about minus 27C.

Which inks have you tried? Once the break-in time was accomplished with the Waterman I loaded the Noodler's and they were great. Another flushing and I tried the gorgeous purple from Scribal Workshop Inks, called Nessie. In the Modello-T Flex the Nessie was a bit dry but no issues with the Big Blue. I am afraid to try the Herbin 1670 shimmer inks in case the flakes gum up the feed .....I can save it for dip pens. Ordering inks is not an option for me until spring but I'd be very interested to hear what you think of what you ink -

As you can see, I was in a colourful frame of mind this evening, so now that we have quotes figured out, this was next :wub:


Know what you believe.

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