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Fountain Pen Tours: A Fountain Pen Tour In Central Tokyo 10/17 Join Us

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I was planning to head into Tokyo tomorrow Saturday 10/17 and window shop a few pen shops. If anyone is interested in meeting up for window shopping and coffee, please let me know.




I would like to visit Eurobox, Pilot Pen Station, Maruzen and Pen Boutique. But no set schedule or stops, if anyone is interested in a particular store not listed.




-- flexy

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Thank you Algester. Definitely appreciate the list!! Lots to choose from and will go over and map these too.


I also went to all 4 of the stores around my area you gave me back in June and ended up buying a pen at B-Stock. List price, but the store and customer service were so great and I had wanted it for a long time. SO again Thank you.

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as far as I know no one in japan gives a discounted price... so...


also as I said in that thread special mention goes to Tsutaya in Daikanyama


if the pen section is what I think it is it could beat sousaikan in presentation

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Too late for yesterday's trip but good to know for your next trip. Seikaido offers a 20% discount off any pen in their stores and that can be ordered. I bought my Pilot 845 Enju at the smaller store in Shinjuku at this discount, a savings of ¥10,000.


If you ever have time for a pen tour on Thursdays, let me know. I keep Thursdays free for paperwork but there times when these is not much to do.

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I should add that Yodabashi Camera and I think Bic Camera now too sell pens at a discount. Yodabasshi Camera in Shinjuku carries Japanese and foreign pens while the Akihabara store carried only non Japaese pens the last I checked.

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It was a great trip. Wish you all could have joined me. Went to EuroBox and met the super nice Eizo-san. Saw an artist at the pilot pen museum and had a latte. I had been there before, but I love looking.. Especially the MYU. Where I saw it for the first time ever. Quick stop at Itoya, but it was super crowded.


Then off down the street, passed by a pen shop Moriichi and happened upon the VP special edition and snapped it up. Then off to Maruzen where I watched the one and only VP SE get bought.


Subway to Ameyoko where I found 3/5 shops. Called it a day.


Thank you to the additional stops, I will add those for next time.


I work M-F, so unfortunately Thursday is not a day I can go. Maybe someone else mught be able to go on a weekday.



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I'm so jealous!! Next time, some mom & pop shops in Kyoto?

I wish there was a comparable pen culture in NYC, or we could start one. Hmmm

"If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live."

– Lin Yu-T'ang

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If we set it a trip up with enough notice I am up for traveling to see mom and pop pen shops. That is actually better as most shops sell the new pens for the same price no matter where you go.

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Stopping by Mom and Pop shops sounds really nice. I am very familiar with the shops in your recent tour but know very few of the Mom and Pop shops.

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If we set it a trip up with enough notice I am up for traveling to see mom and pop pen shops. That is actually better as most shops sell the new pens for the same price no matter where you go.

Sound like you had a nice trip. The mom and pop shops are very exciting, but I'm afraid that they are increasingly more difficult to find.


I've been in Japan for 8 years and I noticed a few things.


-The owners are slowly dying and the shop remains boarded.


-They sold everything interesting a few years ago and they only carry a few things.


-I bought their last Myu and it's pretty much the end of it.


But if you happen to find one of these places in the wild, most likely in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy this rare moment where you can feel like the Indiana Jones of the fountain pen world.

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