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Ideas Needed To Get Drier Golds And Yellows Flowing In Finer Nibs

Green Ink

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I need a little help getting my ambers, yellow and golds up and running.


I have J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie and Noodler's Apache Sunset. Great inks, right?


But I write small. My favorite nibs are .6mm to .9mm cursive italics. These two inks feel quite dry and scratchy as I write, not a lot of fun.


Do you know of something I could put in a cartridge/converter to make these inks flow better? I'd like to hear roughly how much to put in and how to get it in there. (Glycerin, I'm talking about you.)


Huge thanks in advance!

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Try Photo-Flo. It even makes the desert sand-like Diamine Golden Brown nearly acceptable :-)


Search this site for dilution rates. I'm afraid I'm less than scientific - just the very tip of a syringe needle dipped in the product then into an 3 ml ink vial seems to work for me.

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