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Any Ink Mix Recipes To Emulate Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo Or Other Iroshizuku Inks?


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So I caved in and bought a bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo for a really decent sum of less than $20.


That said, I'm not sure if that kind of a deal will always be around. Has anyone tried to approximate it using some basic inks?


I think I've come close with mixing a bit of Pelikan Blue, Green, and Turquoise, along with a hint of Lamy Black, but it's still not quite there yet.


Any other simple recipes for other Iroshizuku inks?

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Oh wow, the Black Swan looks beautiful. I don't have any Noodler inks but up will experiment mixing Pelikan ones using similar ratios.

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Here's a thread that can get you started down the path from which you will never escape.


4 bottles of ink and you can put together almost any color you can imagine. Just be sure to measure and write down every mix you make. if you don't you can count on the most perfect, beautiful ink that you have ever seen being the one that you don't have the formula for.

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Nice. Thanks. I keep an ink log of my mixes, although am never sure how accurate my measurements are. I should invest in a laboratory pipette at some point.

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spaceink-- I first read your name as SpaceNik which would also be good-- anyway, I use a syringe to measure ink. Works, well.

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I think I've come pretty darn close, inspired by the Black Swan recipe. What I did was mix a blue-black using Diamine Sapphire and Lamy Black. After that, I began adding gradual amounts of Pelikan Turquoise. The color achieved is close enough that it's somewhat hard to tell apart side by side.


Unfortunately, I was too caught up in the mixing process to take detailed notes, but it seemed like it was a matter of simply adding turquoise to a blue-black ink. So if you happen to be in possession blue, black, and turquoise inks to spare, have at it.


If not, the Tsuki-Yo seem to sometimes dip low enough on Amazon (under $20), to make it worth just buying.

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Tsuki-yo also has a tiny amount of yellow in it. Steer clear of any yellow that has a red tone in it though.


(Chromatography is your friend when trying to replicate colours or modify them - I rely on this all the time when blending with newer inks that I'm not yet familiar with.)


Pipettes - for AU$2 I picked up a small pack (6) at a cheap art store, so no lab required. Cheap and they work.

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