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I Went To The Nyc Pelikan Hub And Woke Up The Next Day Covered In Sharpie Tattoos


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And I'm not quite sure how I got them. It's amazing how much trouble you can get into when you start hanging out with pen people! But seriously, big shout out to Joshua for all your hard work to put this event together for us. It was great to meet so many cool folks and hope to see everyone again at the next BAPC meet up.



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Lol! That sounds fun! Well not the scrubbing of the Sharpie... Hehe

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We learned new ways to communicate with Siri!

So space and time are linked together. As we are looking across space, we are looking back in time. The further and further away those stars are the further back in time you are looking. Now you are seeing a star that is say six thousand years ago. Imagine somebody at that star looking at us They would be seeing us as we were six thousand years ago. Which of those two is now? - Alan Parsons Project The Time Machine - Temporalia (Paraphrased)

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bbycrts - LOL I was waiting for that! Sadly, no photos were taken of the artwork, only the culprits, which I will do them the favor of not posting.

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Everyone should know pen events in NYC have strange morning afters. Thanks for the kind comments.



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