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We wrote up an overview of the entire Sailor Storia pigmented inks collection, complete with handwriting scans. I'm glad to report that no pens (vintage or modern) were harmed in the writing of this review. A week or so after the writing samples were written, the pens had run out of their fills and were washed out without any staining or clogging issues encountered. The only extra effort needed was to wipe the nib when rinsing to get a little bit of the "creep" ink off the metal of the nib.


Read the full review here : http://goldspotpens.blogspot.com/2015/09/the-story-on-sailor-storia-pigmented.html


Pens & Ink match-ups in the review :


Visconti Van Gogh Impressionist (F) - Sailor Storia Clown Light Green

Kaweco AL-Sport Raw Aluminum (EF) - Sailor Storia Blue Night

TWSBI Diamond 530 (1.5mm Stub) - Sailor Storia Fire Red

OMAS New Bologna (M 18kt) - Sailor Storia Magic Purple

Waterman 352 Stalwart (vintage flex) - Sailor Storia Lion Light Brown

Nemosine Singularity (0.6mm Stub) - Sailor Storia Spotlight Yellow

Parker Blue Diamond Vacumatic (F) - Sailor Storia Dancer Pink

Edison Herald (F) - Sailor Storia Balloon Green


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A mix of Night Blue and Baloon Green would be interesting to see. How much teal does it get...?

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