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Nib That Fits On The Jinhao 250?


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There are plenty of nib swapping options for other Jinhao brands such as the x450 and x750 but there are little nib options for Jinhao x250's.


So... Do you know what type of nib fits on the Jinhao x250?


I know that the #6 Nib rumor is false and does not fit (I tried to fit Jinhao x450 nib in x250, too big), and some say a #5 nib may fit (but has not been confirmed, may also be a rumor). However, there is a Reddit user that used a flex vintage pen from a Wahl pen here:




but that nib is quite expensive and hard to find... :mellow:


Overall, do you know what nibs fit in the Jinhao 250?


If you have a Jinhao 250 and have nibs you could try together we can find a solution. :D

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#5 nibs fit the 250.

I've had a Bock #5 in mine, but I swapped it out for an unknown IPG 5, and ground it to a broad italic, which is brilliant.

The Jinhao nib went into an Arbutus, which was then ground to a med ci stub, and again, is excellent.

I found the nib on the 250 to be excellent, but I was venturing into grinding and I had a few #5 nibbed pens with which to "mess around" and the 250 was one.



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Generally, a nib with a width of 4.5 to 5mm will fit this pen in my experience (with a rounded curvature of course). I think I currently have an ES Johnson in mine.


I wish I knew how the author of that reddit thread got their pen to feed nicely; whenever I make franken-pens out of pens that use converters, they generally don't feed the feed fast enough and dry out (with ebonite and plastic feeds), and therefore require constant attention to the converter to get the feed filled with ink again.

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