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Help! Pulled The Snorkel Tube Out From The Sac Section


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Well, I just came across this snorkel that gave the the biggest challenge so far. It was badly rusted inside, so I should pat my shoulder for opening up the pen and not damaging the parts. It was after a week of effort, anyway. Then I thought it should be just fine from there, until...I heated up snorkel to remove the tube and sac section to re-sac. In my past experience, the tube and sac section are pretty tightly connected and using moderate force it would give way..but not this stubborn pen. I just pulled the tube out! Now I am scratching my head and don't know how to get the sac section out. Any help?

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Are you using a guide for the restoration? If so, it should spell out how to remove the section from the sac protector (pulling on the Snorkel is not the sole method). Richard Binder has one such guide:





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I guess I have been lucky and never had to resort to the manual in the details of dealing with difficult situations. Now I am taking the refreshing course. Thank you!

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