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In my recent trip (two weeks back) I bought two brand new senator president pens one for using and one for keeping in my collection, had inked the one for use with the penman sapphire, today decided i want to use another pen, so wanted to use another pen, emptied it from the remaining ink and started to flushed it with water few times, and as I was moving the piston to release the water, the nib and the feed just poped out, tried to insert them back and they fitted very easily with almost no friction, thought this one might be faulty, so went to the other brand new one (never inkd/used) and removed the cap and tried to pull off the feed and the nib, and they came out with no effort, actually removing the cap needed more effort than removing the feed and the nib.


Does anyone else experienced similar problem?????


This was really a very disappointing experience and will always look at this brand as a low quality.


Best regards.

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I've got five of them, and have used one of them several times without any problems. Is it possible that there was dried ink clogging your pen and that pressure built up when you tried to expel the water? Even if so, what you experienced is unexpected and disturbing.

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