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Plastic Step Down On Invincia Deluxe Chrome?


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Decided to step up from my flaking Jinhao x750. Decided on a Monteverde invincia deluxe chrome. I had read here about finish issues on the all black models so decided on chrome.


All of the pics I have seen online had an all chrome grip and step down. What I received from a retailer with a black plastic step down. It is a sharp edge screw in type that has a larger diameter than the grip. Quite annoying on such a beautiful pen.


Is this something new?


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Well I contacted the retailer and they Compared my pic with their stock and never saw a plastic screw on step like mine so they offered to exchange for me (whew!)


It was so uncomfortable and the chrome couldn't recap flush because of the annoying black plastic.


Then I noticed that the black plastic piece would unscrew. Strange.

I looked inside the cap and saw a space between the white inner sleeve and the mouth. So used a decent amount of pressure then forced the black plastic thing in. Now the cap screws on. Didn't quite close flush so I pushed a little further ( carefully so not to crack the white inner piece. Then Viola! My pen is now perfect and screws flush without any annoying plastic piece.


I have a feeling the manufacturer meant for this piece to be in the cap but for some reason it was left uninstalled and screwed to the body instead.


The pen works like butter. I have the black 1.1 nib and it writes smoothly with a little feedback. I'm so happy😍


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