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Well me and the girl friend just finished up for the night on our handmade hardback journal. It utilizes coptic binding so that no matter what page you are writing on it lays flat, which has always bugged me about most journals and books I have purchased in the past. I have had a blast making this and look forward to making many more! *thanks to the tutorial in the DYI section!*

So with out further adieu,


The book block with 12 signatures and caramel colored flyleafs coming out to 192 pages


Here is the cover getting worked on

The front cover

The back cover


Finally, the book open with matching bookmark ribbon


Still have to finish the spine up with black leather and black leather corners, then attach the book block to the cover and all done. For one night I think its looking pretty good!

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Very beautiful, and fast work.




Are your going to continue to do others? Do you do it just for you?



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No the goal is to make them and sell them if there are people that want them. Have not worked any pricing out yet as this was a prototype of sorts and to see if anyone was interested.

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My first thought was, "Ooh. Pretty."


I'd buy one, though I probably can't afford one right now.

If anyone has a spare Hero 812 in white that they're willing to part with, please PM me. I'm trying to find one for my collection.


"He thought the pen was mightier than the sword... Until he went to war and met a soldier with a sword."

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