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Hypnotic Turquoise - Caran D'ache


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When I got sick few years ago (virus called pens and inks), I started picking different inks. I was amazed by Caran d'Ache Color of the Earth inks.


The thing is the inks were discontinued before I had a chance to try all of them. I was disappointed to hear Colors of the earth were replaced by Chromatics.


OK, the bottle is cool, colors seem nice, so what's the problem?

One - no more Amazon and Grand Canyon! I can get over Amazon, with time I started to prefer murkier greens, but Grand Canyon was in my top 5 of browns.

Two - the price. OK, Chromatics bottles are 50 ml compared to Colors of the Earth 30 ml bottles yet the price per ml increased by 25,7 % (I compare prices in Poland : 55 PLN / 30 ml vs 115 PLN / 50 ml).

Are they really worth it? Well, I like the way Caran d'Ache market their products, I like the bottle and the brand. If I'll be able to try all of these inks, I'll review them here. It will take time though. At the moment I have only sample of Organic Brown and Ultraviolet bottle. Some time ago I've reviewed Infinite grey which was cool.

  1. Cosmic Black
  2. Delicate Green
  3. Divine Pink
  4. Electric Orange
  5. Hypnotic Turquoise
  6. Idyllic Blue
  7. Infinite - Grey
  8. Infra Red
  9. Magnetic Blue
  10. Organic Brown
  11. Ultra Violet
  12. Vibrant Green

Hypnotic Turquoise is moderately saturated turquoise. It shades, it has no water resistance, drying times are rather long. The flow is good. What do I think about it? Stunning bottle, average content. This turquoise doesn't stand out in any way among cheaper turquoises. I would say that Bleu Pervenche that's 70 % cheaper offers better lubrication. Also I don't like the color but I believe there's no bright turquoise that I would really like. So it's not a big deal.

Ink Splash


Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Software ID





Oxford Recycled ( 90g, satined paper ), Waterman Phileas, M





CIAK, Waterman Kultur M nib and Kaweco Sport Classic B nib





Cheap no-name notebook, Hero 5028, stub 1,9


Te Neues notebook, Waterman Kultur, M




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Meh... Thanks for all the Caran d'Ache reviews; they've confirmed (for me, at least) the suspicion that these are really overpriced.

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I am a huge turquoise fan. This is a nice turquoise color, but for the price, I will take Waterman Inspired Blue or J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche.

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I love turquoise too, but in theory rather than in practice. I rarely have an opportunity to use it; it's such a cheerful color and I'm loathe to have myself perceived in that manner. Waterman 'Inspired' is already on the shelf, it's going to last a while and it seems close enough in color that I don't feel like I'm missing anything turquoisewise.


Thanks for the terrific review.


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Visconti's turquoise is very similar in all aspects except that it costs 2/3 as much per ml. Also, although I'm not all that hot about V's new plastic bottles, they still don't look as silly as CdA's new bottles. Last but least, CdA's new boxes are IMO better than V's plastic veil-type shrouds. (Yes, even if you use them upside down).



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Pretty enough color but Skrip Turquoise is just as nice, very well-behaved and a lot cheaper. Inspired Blue is pretty spectacular, as well.

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I've been using it (I got a sample) in my ASA TransNauka pen with a 1.1 nib. It's nice, but I like Lamy Turquoise better.

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