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New Ink Review Diamine Shimmertastic Purple Pazzazz


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Following on from my thread announcing the launch of Diamine Shimmertastic inks I am happy to post my reviews of them.


This one is Purple Pazzazz. This ink is a dark purple with a great gold sheen

My reviews show you my experiences with these inks in several of my pens. I’ve experimented by having these inks in my pens for weeks, and have intermittently written with them to see how they start, and how they write. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve experienced no feathering with any of them, and they have all behaved really well for me.

Diamine recommend that you gently agitate the bottle to mix the particles through the ink before filling your pen. They also recommend that you gently agitate your pen to mix the particles with the ink in your pen when starting a new writing session.

I recommend good FP maintenance when using ink that contains particles. I suggest you clean your pens out a little more frequently than you might do with normal ink.

These inks will come in 50ml glass bottles, and they have either gold or silver particles in them.


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Oh man...When I first saw the swab from goulet, I was kinda put off with how the gold looks within the purple. Now that I see it used as intended, it looks really beautiful! I would still prefer a silver over gold, but it looks really nice...I will now definitely pick up a bottle of this and I know EXACTLY what pen to use this ink with!

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Okay, now I'm hyperventilating. I think I just saw the "shimmer" ink that would reel me in. Thanks for the review!

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Thanks for the review. And not.... :headsmack:

This is definitely one for the short list. I wonder what it would be like mixed with the red or brownish ones in this line. I had been looking for a purple or red violet ink that had a red sheen, and I'm thinking that mixing inks may be the only way I get it (it seems that a lot of "sheening" inks sheen their opposite or near opposite on the color wheel: thus, blue inks sheen red, but purple inks sheen gold...).

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

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Sigh.... Another ink to be added to my must-have list. Such is the life of one who loves fountain pens and inks. :)

Great ink review!

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Purple and gold: how much more regal can you get? I'm using it for my holiday cards this year.

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Following on from my thread announcing the launch of Diamine Shimmertastic inks I am happy to post my reviews of them.


This one is Purple Pazzazz. This ink is a dark purple with a great gold sheen


Not at all a fan of purple but this one looks really different. I am just concerned with using shimmer inks in my beloved pens and the damage, if any they might incur. It's a little like my feeling toward Lasik eye surgery, how does it hold up when you get older?

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I just got a bottle of this. My favorite kind of dark purple plus gold shimmer? Heck yes! Thanks for the review, it helped solidify my decision.

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