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Identification Of A Congress Bulb Filler


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I'm new to the FPN and to online forums - so if I'm in the wrong place with the wrong thread - sorry.


I've recently purchased a Congress bulb filler fountain pen. I've read several threads about their history - from what I've seen, no one seems to know very much about them. I have one piece of information to add, which I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else. On the clip, not only does it say "CONGRESS", but it also says "PATU". I've tried Google but that got me nowhere, apart from somewhere in Asia. Is it any help?



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can you direct me to the threads about them.

A friend just sent me a Congress lever filler short pen for me to re sack.

I know it has a pressure fit section. Is it a knock out nib? A screw in?

I think I can just measure what size sack but if you know....



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Newark Pen Company made a pen called "Congress" that looks suspiciously like an Ingersoll.


But for some reason, the brand Congress sounds like something that J Harris (Ambassador, Majestic, University) would have done.

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