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Kaweco Sport At A B&m Store In New Zealand

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I was talking to the lady at the University of Auckland bookshop and she told me that they'd have the Kaweco Sport fountain pens, pencil (mechanical not lead holder) and rollerballs in stock within 1-2 weeks. As someone who prefers to purchase locally, this was great news! ~$35 for the roller ball and ~$50 (can't remember if it was 45 or 54) for the fountain pen. It comes with the clip in a metal tin. I don't think I've seen Kawecos at any other brick and mortar store in Auckland.


I'm seriously impressed with the stationery range at the university bookshop, especially as far as inks and papers go. I much prefer it to Whitcoulls. Keep in mind that New Zealand has a very limited supply of stationery products compared to other countries.


Just thought that I'd let people know, since I found this to be great news!

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