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Ranga Handmade Acrylic Thin And Thick Dip Pens- 26 Beautiful Colours - Unique Pens


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Dear All,


We are introducing these Handmade Beautiful THIN and THICK Colour Acrylic Dip Pens in 26 colours.

The designs are very unique and very rare to find. No two designs are same. Each pen will be unique. The colour pattern will differ from pen to pen.



1. THIN ACRYLIC DIP PENS (Price: 19$):


Length: 6.5 inches

Thickness: App 11mm

Nib: Fine

Feeder: Ebonite


Colours Available:

1. Yellow With thin Red Swirl
2. Saffron Orange with black
3. Yellow with Multi Colour Rings
4. Red with Dark Blue
5. Blue with Pink Swirl
6. Green with Green Swirl
7. Sea Blue with Dark blue Swirl
8. Red/Yellow/White
9. Light Green with green Swirl
10. Sea Blue with Red
11. Yellow With Green Swirl
12. Red with Pink swirl
13. Purple with Dark Blue
14. Dark Blue with Pink Swirl
15. Bright Green with Green Swirl
16. Sea Blue with Pink Swirl
17. Orange with Black Swirl
18. Light Green with Blue Swirl
19. White with Black
20. Purple with Blue and Green Swirl
21. Yellow with Dark Green
22. Red with White specs
23. Pink/Purple/Dark blue
24. Yellow with Chocolate Swirl
25. Green/Pink/Black
26. Blue/White


Length: 6.5 inches

Thickness: App 13mm

Nib: 2 Toned Medium nib . (Gold coloured fine nib is also available)

Feeder: Ebonite

Colours Available:


1. Orange /Red/ Dark Green
2. White/Black
3. Red with black Swirl
4. Purple with Dark Blue
5. Blue with black Swirl
6. Red with Dark Blue
7. Bright Green with Dark Green
8. Green/Pink/Black
9. Orange with Dark blue
10. Yellow with Green/red Swirl
11. Bright Green with Green Swirl
12. Purple/White
13. Orange/Dark Green
14. Sea Blue/Red
15. Pink with Black Swirl
16. Black/ Grey
17. Light gren with Blue Swirl
18. Orange with black Swirl
19. Pink/Purple/Dark Blue
20. Yellow with Dark Green



Payment & Shipping:
Payment can be done to our paypal id mpkandan@gmail.com
International Free shipping through Registered post (2-4 weeks for delivery)
Thanks for looking and support.
Ranga Pen Company
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Very pretty, I don't quite think I could get away with using a dip pen at work - I get enough funny looks using a fountain pen and telling the time with a pocket watch.

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Dear Mr. Mcgeechan Sir,


Thanks very much for your nice words on pen. You are correct. Dip pens arebasically used for testing inks.




Ranga Pen Company

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