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Which Parker Is This ?


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Apologies in advance for asking a query about a ballpen :(

But i find no better place for knowledge then this site. I have learnt so much as regard FPs.


Moving on to the pen, I have been given these two pens to get rid of by a friend, i needed to know which ones they are so i can do some more research on how much they would ultimately fetch.


One of them is a sterling doufold ballpen.

A link on ebay shows this pen for USD 700 (which i find hard to believe) here is the link in any case



The other is also a ballpen, i could not make out which model this one is?








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Thanks guys


Any comments on the Parker duofold pen price? The ebay price seems a bit off, however the seller has 100% feedback, though that has nothing to do with the price.

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