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Does This Swan Mabie Todd Pen Have A Model Name?


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Hello Everybody,


I've had this Mabie Todd pen for a couple of years now, yet I couldn't find any information regarding a model name/number when I tried looking it up.


It is a short eyedropper with a #2 nib, and the body is made of BCHR, whilst the top of the cap features a gold cover with a floral design on it.


Thanks in advance,




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Very unusual I should say, from the mid- to late teens of the 20th century - a sort of safety screw cap aimed at the ladies.


Other than that... (bows out!).



fpn_1428963683__6s.jpg “The pen of the British Empire” fpn_1423349537__swan_sign_is.jpg

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You should call it "my Mabie Todd ring top eyedropper with the floral engraved top"


But more seriously, you might not do any better than that. The safety screw cap eyedroppers seem to be a transition in pen design. Not rare, but not the most common combination (such as slip cap eyedroppers, or screw cap lever fillers).


There is a very similar "ink sight" pen in the Moak book (arrived today, thanks for the review, Cob) , but that model has the little translucent windows to see how much ink is left. Yours is the ring top Ink Sight without the Ink Sight.


So, sadly, I am back to my original suggestion for a name for that model.

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Hoo boy - the world of Mabie Todd numbering. It gets messy.


First off - is the chatelaine top solid gold? If so, then its a different number. Lets assume its gold plated.


Kind of tough to tell from the picture, but there's both a slim model and a slightly thicker model. Lets assume the thicker model.


Then the band - they did bands like that, but the catalogs don't show them on the chatelaine top, but typically on the full size pens' cap bands. So, lets go for it that way.


This would be a 332/10


First 3 - Chatelaine gold plated top

Second 3 - slightly wider pen (smaller one would be a 2), screw top

Third 2 - nib size

/10 - that is for an engraved cap band, but not specifically this floral pattern, so am likely wrong on that number, but that what the catalog offers. There should be a two digit number following a "/" that defines that particular engraving, but who knows what it would be?


Now this is a model number a retailer would use to order it - its not like there's a pitchman on TV saying "buy the latest 332/10 Mabie Todd!". Greenie's description is probably closer to what the retailer was telling the customer at the time.


By the way, ringtops are not necessarily women's pens. I just received a Newark Secretary pen in the mail fresh in a box, and attached to the ring at the top is a man's watch chain. Men kept these pens in their vest pockets attached to the watch chains. Admittedly, once its attached to a watch chain, it can't be posted (easily) and therefore requires a pretty small hand.

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Interesting. I agree. And I didn't notice until you pointed it out.


There is an ad in the Moak book showing the "new" safety system, and the section is typical for a screw cap with inner cap.


Seems to be a replacement section.


So now the pen model is "my Mabie Todd ring top eyedropper with the floral engraved top and incorrect replacement section".

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