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Sheaffer Targa 1004 Barrel Sleeve And Barrel End-Jewel


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Dear all,


I happened to obtain a few Targa 1004 FPs [i have propensity for Ag-925 :wub: ] but 2 of them have the following barrel defects. , with your help I'd love to restore them to their former glory.


FP-A : The plastic-sleeve is broken in half, the half that has the threads, comes out of the barrel. The other half is stubbornly sticking inside the barrel

FP-B : The jewel (?) / the flat black circular button at the end of the barrel is cracked and I can also see that the barrel top around the jewel is slightly dented.


Would any of us here who are experienced in this help me and let me know


- the steps to remove the plastic-barrel-sleeve from FP-A and replace it with either a new plastic-barrel-Sleeve or maybe a metal thread substitute that Sheaffer bestoed on later Targa's.


- the steps to remove the cracked end jewel from the FP-B


- Where could I find the spare parts if I do manage to remove the sleeve and jewel


- any special tools that are required to achieve my objective



I do have experience in servicing simple mechanical watches and do have some tools that are associated with it, but this is going to be my first attempt at repairing a fountain pen [Not counting grinding/tuning nibs that is...]


Thanks in advance and looking forward to your advise


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here are the pictures of the defects, if it helps...


FP_A with the inner plastic sleeve broken and out of the barrel




FP_B with the end jewel broken





Thanks in advance


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I think you would not be able to find spare parts for this pen, the only way is to buy only a body for targa or broken one, but with this black parts in good condition. This is black plastic barrel which is glued inside silver one. You shoud heat it gently to lose glue and then you just push it outside with your nail or pencil, don't worry push it, it will not brake. With pen A you can just glue this piece back to barrel and all will be fine.

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