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Two suggestions: Lamy Logo, same nib as the Safari etc but a slimmer, metal, body and a pull-off cap. EF is good for notes (more equal to a Fine in other brands); very reliable writer


Or Platinum PTL-5000; slim body, pull-off cap, large capacity converter, and very smooth 14K gold nib with the advantage that it's a reliable if slightly scratchy writer using the back of the nib - that gives a very thin line, great for annotating texts. Another very reliable writer even if it's been left for a while.


The Logo is probably more rugged for school use, but the Platinum is the better writer!

Thank you for the suggestions.

As just a pen to annotate, I think the logo would be more adapted.


But now I think I will go for a Prera,

Thank you !



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For your purpose, you want a Pilot capless pen: a Vanishing Point or Decimo. Hands down, it is the quickest-to-use pen available.


Use Pilot's blue or blue-black cartridges, which are excellent and contain ink that is virtually waterproof.

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+1 for the Pilot Prera...nice looking pen, appears to be well built, slip cap, smooth writer, good ink capacity, easy to clean, handles most inks very well and reasonable price. I bought my first Prera about a month ago and liked it so much I just picked up a second one. Good size in the hand but can definitely be considered a pocket pen for transport. Good luck with your search.

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Well, finally yesterday I've ordered a Prera black demonstrator - Medium nib on Ebay.

I don't think I will be disappointed (& talking about something more expensive I will go for a 2K soon)



Thank you ! :)



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+1 for the Pilot Decimo and Platinum Balance.


I use the Decimo (M) for taking phone messages and quick memos, due to its one-handed operation. The Platinum Balance (M) is my go-to pen for note-taking.


If you want a gold nib on a similar style of pen as the Platinum Balance and the Pilot Metropolitan (push-on cap, cartridge/converter, slim and comfortable to hold, not too flashy), there's also the Parker Sonnet and the Aurora Ipsilon Deluxe, both some of my favourite everyday writers.


I'm not a big fan of the Pilot Prera tbh. Cosmetically, it's very cute and comes in a great range of colours. In the hand, however, I find it too lightweight for comfort - and that's saying something for me.

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